RF Youth Boxing

rfboxinglogoBoxing is without a doubt one of the most rewarding and challenging sports available for youth today. The combination of athleticism, physical and mental conditioning, sportsmanship, and self-dignity.

The RF Youth Boxing Program is a non-profit organization which provides a safe haven for youth in the Stamford, CT and Greater Fairfield County area through the sport of boxing.

Our mission is to empower youth with the knowledge and skills they need to become competent, caring, contributing citizens, while combating childhood obesity and promoting overall wellness .

Boxing is a rewarding and challenging sport. The exercises, movements and drills taught in our programs are designed to challenge the whole body – both mentally and physically. We teach coordination, balance, agility, accountability and confidence, which translate to just about any sport your child may play. We develop the whole child.

Why was the program founded?

RF Youth BoxingThe RF Youth Boxing program, now in its seventh year, was started by Ahmad Mickens, a Master Trainer and Boxing Coach who is also the managing partner at Revolution Training in Stamford, CT. Ahmad says he started the program because:

“I recognized that my adolescent years were very tumultuous and if it was not for the structure, guidance and mentorship I found at that age I don’t know where I would be today. Boxing provided me the framework for my life. I believe I was destined to take my life experiences/wisdom and help people that could benefit from them.”

Seven years of memories

RF Youth Boxing“Our first amateur boxing show/fundraiser (Fall Fisticuffs). It was to me our best event. It was at RF, everyone came out to support (even the mayor), we gave away free food and drinks and we even had our own RF boxer box on the show. Another highlight is when I witnessed our first three (RF Youth Boxing participants) graduate high school, two went on to graduate from college and one went into military. Two of the three are now married with families of their own.”

The future of RF Youth Boxing

RF Youth Boxing“I continue to meet the most incredible people in the work I do with the youth. People that don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. They come through for our youth, they commit. They don’t just sit back and complain. In the future I see the Youth Program expanding our outreach. I see us rising to the increasing challenge….building the framework it takes to implement our program in communities around the nation that need us.”

Together we can do it…one child at a time!

Healthier Children, Healthier Families, Healthier Communities